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Our Mission

To provide a safe and compassionate emergency first response service for wildlife in need of urgent medical attention.

Due to the ever-increasing population and urbanization in the state of Florida, conflicts between people and wildlife are both inevitable and commonplace. Those conflicts; often resulting in life or death situations for the affected wildlife, require a rapid response by trained wildlife professionals. After recognizing the constant and increasing need for wildlife transportation and rescue, Heather Pepe Dillon and Matthew Buice Co-Founded WILD Florida Rescue, registered as a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Corporation.


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WFR operates on the generosity of our community.

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You are helping WFR rescue wildlife in need of an emergency rescue and provide first aid and care while transporting to veterinarians and rehabilitators



We aim to utilize the latest methods and tools necessary to minimize stress and reduce the chances of further injury during animal rescues.


Our company is founded on the idea that a rapid pick-up and drop-off offers the greatest chance of survival for the sick and wounded.

Our 24 hour service means no animal is left to suffer.

Facebook Feed

From Wild Florida Rescue, THANK YOU🙌 THANK YOU 🙌THANK YOU❣️A very special thank you to Kelly Houlihan Downey for starting the go fund me❣️ also a huge thank you to all who donated and shared❣️as well a loving thank you to all who support WFR and the wildlife that need help❣️ Without your support we could not do what we do. 🌈 With these gofund me funds and a kind donation from a local business owner we will be able to purchase a much needed net gun of our choice (optimal for bird rescue), and we owe it too all of you 👏. We always say it takes a village🏘, and once again we are humbled and touched by the communities generosity. Much love to you all🤙🏼 The small team of WFR rescuers responded to 4,769 calls for help with wildlife so far this year with a guestimate of 75% being birds. This net will be a huge benefit and less stress for the harder to capture birds. THANK YOU! And 2 people sent donations via paypal this week after the go fund me went up ...we see and thank you as well!!! 💝 ...

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This pretty possum got a lucky chance when she was found after being trapped. We got her fluids and she was released right back out as she was still fiesty and fighting for her freedom !!! #settingfreefeelsgreat!! 🐾🌿 ...

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This big gopher tortoise is getting the help it needs because of this concerned caller who was pretty sure the tortoise wasnt quite feeling well and she was correct, he has an upper respiratory infection. WFR Gemma drove out and rescued him, Outback Mobil Vet provided triage and treatment and he is going to the Florida Wildlife Hospital for recovery. Thanks everyone ...Godspeed big guy!! 🐢 ...

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UPDATE: Someone outside of WFR is going with gear tomorrow to help these birds we will let you know by tomorrow evening what transpires 🙏🏼. We also have a new sandhill in palmbay with fishing line around its toe again!! Thank you for ALL who have been supporting a net gun. We will update soon!

Wild Florida Rescue is feeling VERY frustrated. We cover Brevard County which is already a large area for just a handful of volunteers. But we get calls from all over the state and help however we can. This morning "Linda" in Fort Meyers (Lee County) called us looking for help after calling a dozen other numbers. This family of sandhill cranes not only has 1 but 2 birds with garbage bag plastic stuck in their beaks!!! The wonderful organization CROW is happy to help however they can but can not rescue/capture the animal. Linda has been calling everywhere for rescue help and cant find it. The birds are used to people but still flying which makes the capture extremely difficult. We also know that chasing the bird all day is stressfull and can actually give the bird a non infectious disease that can kill it so we can understand some of the concerns of capturing this bird. However this crane is currently suffering. While one bird has the trash bag around the lower beak the other has the bag tight around the entire beak. This is not nature taking its course THIS is a PERFECT example of human impacts and this animal NEEDS to be RESCUED!!! An attempt should be made. We still do not have a proper net gun as a good one cost more than $1000. And if we did we may be so inclined to drive over and do all we can to safely capture this bird! Its such an aweful thing to see and we have had a gut full of it! What I am asking is that any Organization or Agency who has a net gun or other capture gear appropriate to PLEASE contact us and we will put you in touch with Linda. If anyone has suggestions feel free to comment but please dont flood/clog our hotline unless you are an organization, agency or permitted person with helpful equipment. We know this is not our normal education or story post we enjoy sharing with the community but we are reaching out for help on behalf of these cranes. Time is sensitive and its all we can do at this point. PLEASE share post if you think may reach help. THANK YOU!!!

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Not all stories end well..Most of our rescues are needed because of human impacts...
Earlier this morning a most beautiful deer, in optimal health, attempted to jump a fence surrounding large green homeowners yards. She got her hoove/leg stuck in the fence and was hanging by her weight. The homeowners gathered people and got the doe down, the fence crumbled by her weight. They called WFR to capture the badly injured deer. She was captured and a sheet put over her to keep her calm before being carried to the ambulance. FWC was notified and an immediate plan of action to take the deer to a Veterinary hospital went into play as it would have been longer for someone to get out to us. She was comforted and treated for shock in our ambulance. Sadly, she was humanly put down while we sat with her. It was truly all we could do. Her injuries sustained are too graphic to share. Not all human impacts are negligence. But we have a responsibility, as we move into wildlife habitat we must think hard about all we do in that habitat and our foot prints there. There is no easy answer how to prevent human impacts but we must try and do better. Every little bit does help. Its a shared world, share the responsibility. We see horrible impacts each year that passes and we are deeply grateful when we see folks trying to make a difference, to be better. We dont all have to love wildlife but we can respect it 😪💙 Thank you to all of you who take a moment to pick up trash, or recycle or use animal/environment friendly products and to all those who have stopped to make a call to help an animal in need of it . If this doesnt hurt I dont know what will.

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Together, we can can protect the incredibly diverse wildlife that calls Florida home.


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